The setting will be Golarion (default pathfinder setting), so if you are so interested, you may create a background from the pathfinder flavor. Otherwise you can create whatever sort of backstory you’d like.

Epic fantasy stat buy.
Starting level is 6.
Starting gold is 16,000 according to pfsrd.
Most races permissible, just let me know so we can discuss it.
Hitpoints: First level max HD, roll for each level, buy up to max HD 100GP/Point

House rules (to be added as they’re discovered/remembered):
Ninjato – 12gp 1D6 19-20/x2 crit P
Short sword with the hilt of the sword able to hold small equipment, eg. small bombs, poisons, blowgun needles. The scabbard of the sword has a hole in the bottom end to be used as a blowgun (as per normal rules) & can also be used as a snorkel for going under water

Wanderings in Golarion

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